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GIGADTH back in the studio. The recording process has been a long and arduous one. Tim's decision to re-do all the songs will be a wise one and will pay off when the album sounds really good. Tomorrow Tim will be talking with the investors of his paranormal program 'The Ghost Show' and let them know he has secured the 7 locations that they wanted before they gave it the green light. If all goes as planned, Tim will start filming sometime next month at the first location.

If you want to drop Tim a line to either tell him how much you love him or if you want to let him know just exactly how much you HATE him then email him at...

                                        t i m   @   g i g a d t h  .  c o m

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 And there will be new posts everyday and sometimes there will be more than just 2. Depending on how good or bad they are we'll post the best and worst ones.

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Another bunch of big events are going on in the life and times of a really big small band no one knows except maybe 300 people, ah but who cares its growing and that IS the point. Anyways......Tim has gotten the go ahead for the 'Ghost Project' and GIGADTH IS going to be working with Greg Hampton as discussed before and that is going to start happening in the middle of Jan. in the new year. And.... Tim just got a go ahead on some funding GIGADTH was waiting forand over the next 3 weeks Tim is building a brand new small but effective studio to record this new album that were all waiting for and has been delayed many times. But let me tell you there is such a thing called fate. And it is definately fate the way everything got ruined and then all fixed only to end up with new money for a new studio. That is how fate works. More to come.

Tim and his manager are out and about today looking for a new space to rent so they can put together a temporary studio which will be home for 2 months for GIGADTH while they record the album for the second time. Tim said that this will be the last time he makes a mistake like that (meaning taking other peoples advice on where to record and who to hire as the master engineer) again. And from now on he is going to be getting a place like they are now and putting together the studio exactly how Tim wants. That way he knows it will be right. And if something does go wrong it will be his fault and not someone elses. Once they get the new spot they will do the build out and bring in the recording equipment and push out this puppy.

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Another Manic Monday

G   I   G   A   D   T   H

Searching for the 'Perfect Rental'

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How fate works



V e t e r a n s    D a y            2015

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From GIGADTH and everyone at GIGADTH INC. we want to wish you all Happy Thanksgiving. As far as GIGADTH news, heres what we have... GIGADTH had to cancel a show tonight in Chicago due to the extreme conditions and extra security measures of flying into O'Hare airport in IL and then right after the show flying out in order to get home in time so everyone can be with their families on Thnaksgiving just wasnt going to work. The delays right now are very long. Tim says that is all ok and he doesnt mind the long delays becaues he wants everyone to be safe. So GIGADTH is just changing the shows date and all ticket holders tickets will be all good for that night. The new show date has not been announced yet but Tim says it will be early next week.

Tim's beautiful daughter Sabrina at Guitar Center in Las Vegas where Tim was presented with the new JACKSON.Colored especially for the new album 'Integrated Aversion'.

               C O M I N G   February 3rd



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