G    I    G    A    D    T    H

R    O    M    E      A.  D.

R O M E   A. D.

1. Skull 1470

2. Con Man

3. The Great Dying

4. How the Universe Ends

5. Spit Blood

6. Psycho-Micro Processor

7. Bones of Contention

8. Element 115

9. Neglection of Sorts (Demo)

10. AmeriKa (Demo)

Recorded at : Reactor # 4 Studios  Hollywood CA

Mastered at : The Hollywood Number

Video Production : Got a Buck Productions

Music Publishing : BMI & Skullduggery Publishing

GIGADTH Management : Hampton Music

Thank You to our Label Def Geffen (America)

On 'Negelection of Sorts' & 'Amerika' - Guitar Solo, Greg Hampton.

'Neglection of Sorts' & 'Amerika' - Recorded at Steven Pressley Studios (Hollywood, CA 1999)

On 'Neglection of Sorts' & 'Amerika' - Drums, Paul Pierce


G  I  G  A  D  T  H

R     O     M     E        A.    D.

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